Commercial Production Company Fructodor LLC with its registered office in Bolimow has been there since 1989. For over twenty years we have been manufacturing frozen fruits and vegetables, selling and providing services related to the storage, processing and freezing.

Most of our production is exported to the EU countries and the North America. With our partners we maintain long-term commercial relationships based on understanding customer needs and delivering the products that meet the requirements.

We are working constantly on the modernization of production processes and expanding the range of products. It enables us to provide specific products for special order with a wide range of possible packages according to customer demand.

With the continuous improvement of the standards of our company we introduced and consistently maintain a certified quality management and food safety systems: ISO 9001: 2008, HACCP, BRC GLOBAL STANDARD FOR FOOD SAFETY. We also have a kosher certificate.


1989 The year of establishment.
1991 First fruit production in arented cold storage placed in Wygoda, capacity 200 t
1993 Production mooved to the new-build cold room in Bolimów. Total capacity 2000 t
1995 We received unlimited export licence
1996 First meat storaging
1998 Cool storage total capacity enlarged to 5000 t
28.03.2003 HACCP certified for fruit and vegetables processing, service concerning fruit and vegetable processing, sell and export of goods and services
2003 Building a modern cold storage for 8000 t of production and social rooms
22.04.2004 District Veterinarian qualified our cold storage as a proper place to store meat destined for the European Union market
11.08.2006 ISO 9001:2000 certified for fruit and vegetables processing, sales and export of product and services. Services connected with the processing and storage of fruit, vegetables, meat and foods
23.10.2006 BRC Global Standard - Food: Issue 4 certified for fruit and vegetables processing. Cold storage and dispatch of fruits, vegetables, meat and fats